On 17 January 1984, it was announced that the Ford car assembly plant in Cork was to close, with the loss of 800 jobs.

This was the first Ford plant in Europe, set up in 1917 by Henry Ford, whose father was from Cork. But the lifting of restrictions on importing cars into Ireland combined with a depressed car market meant that the plant was no longer viable.

Gerry Foley reports for 'Today Tonight'. He says that in 1982, the company invested almost £10 million into making the plant suitable for Ford Sierra production, but that an output of 400 Sierras a week couldn't compete with the almost 6,000 a week made in Ford's Belgian factory.

The Cork plant finally closed on 13 July 1984.

This 'Today Tonight' report was broadcast on 17 January 1984. The reporter is Gerry Foley.

Ford Sierra (1984)