Christine Fielding from Douglas, county Cork is the only woman who heads a detective agency in Ireland or Britain.

She's 24, attractive, a doctor's wife - very different from the detectives conjured up by Ian Fleming and John le Carré.

Bill O'Herlihy chats to Christine about both the glamour and tedium of her job. From long hours sitting in a car observing a door, to industrial espionage and diamond smuggling. Christine has worked on various assignments in Ireland, the UK and on the continent. While it all sounds very glamorous, there is a dangerous element to the job.

Christine tells Bill how she got into detective work, the training involved and working her way up. She also talks about the advantage of being a woman in the detective business. Christine Fielding has set up a private detective agency in Cork that employs female detectives only.

A 'Newsbeat' report by Bill O'Herlihy broadcast on 8 March 1966.