Newsbeat delves into the world of the Maharishi and transcendental meditation in West Cork.

Cathal O'Shannon talks to a disciple of the Maharishi in West Cork who describes exactly how meditation works and more specifically transcendental meditation. She describes how the use of a mantra, a word in Sanskrit, carries you to a source of thought within yourself. She also defends the Maharishi against allegations that people are being exploited for financial gain.

The body is in a state of rest, deeper than the deepest sleep. It's a state of... hibernation. At the same time the mind is completely alive and awake.

Described as a nerve therapy, transcendental meditation is designed to get rid of every day stresses, which block our nervous systems.

It is a simple technique. Anybody can do it.

A Newsbeat report broadcast on 25 November 1970. The reporter is Cathal O'Shannon.