A Halloween House of Horrors in Castlecomer is a little bit scary but a lot of fun for visitors young and old.

Castlecomer Discovery Park in County Kilkenny is getting into the spirit of Halloween with its House of Horrors, promising fun for all the family.

Young visitors arrive at the House of Horrors dressed in their Halloween costumes. They enter Frankenstein’s house to see what is inside the mystery cauldrons.

But watch out it could be slime or vampire guts, you just don’t know.

The children wake Becky the sleeping witch who tells them the story of Halloween before the young visitors make their way through a tunnel full of cobwebs, spiders and lots of other spooky surprises.

I was a bit terrified half way through with all the noises and stuff and when you’re coming out and people touch your head and stuff.

Another little girl was frightened when she found herself confronted by a witch,

It freaked me out and I was so scared.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 30 October 2009. The reporter is Yvonne Redmond.