The arrival of a Cunard Liner brings a welcome boost in visitors to the town of Cobh.

In 1965 the Sylvania a transatlantic vessel owned by the Cunard Line called to Cobh where 420 passengers disembarked at the harbour. This was the largest liner to visit Cobh seen since 1962.

According to newspaper reports among the passengers were four Irish-American cousins who were fulfilling an ambition to come to the land of their ancestors. Their parents came from Templemore, County Tipperary where they intended to visit on their three week holiday.

Also on board was Thomas Johnston a male nurse in San Quentin Prison, he was returning for a 6 month holiday to his native Roscommon.

Mr Charles Rennie a press consultant at the White House arrived too, his plan was to take the route that President John F. Kennedy had covered two years earlier.

An RTÉ News report broadcast 3 June 1965. This report is mute.