From 1968 'Summer Scene' takes a look at the new phenomenon of taking a car on holiday. A trip on board the B&I car ferry from Liverpool to Dublin explains how this new travel option works.

Take a look at how car ferry travel has changed since 1968 when passengers were greeted onboard the ferry by a hostess. The 'Munster' car ferry can facilitate up to 1,000 passengers and has cabin accommodation for 250. Facilities include a fine dining restaurant, a cafeteria, two bars, and a children's play area.

Built in Germany, the 'Munster' is one of the most modern of its kind with automatic steering, radar and numerous safety devices.

The British and Irish Steam Packet Company, known as the B&I, was formed in 1836.

'Summer Scene' was a weekly magazine series presented by Valerie McGovern and Joe Mac Anthony. This episode of ‘Summer Scene’ was broadcast on 30 May, 1968.