Campaign for an improved ferry service to the Aran Islands.

The daily air service connecting all three Aran islands with the mainland carries an average of 10,000 passengers each year. The service is considered to be a lifeline for the islanders and a boost to the tourism industry for the West of Ireland. However, not everyone can afford to fly and the daily ferry service to the Aran Islands is a popular choice for tourists, carrying up to 50,000 passengers and thousands of tonnes of cargo each year. However, the islanders now want the "antiquated" Galway to Kilronan service scrapped in place of a new high speed service from Rossaveal. Representatives from the three islands Inishmore, Inishmaan and Inisheer have come together to press their case. 

RTÉ News speaks to islanders who are campaigning to get the new ferry service up and running. A firm of Glasgow based consultants 'Marine Development Glasgow Ltd' have prepared a detailed report outlining how the service should be run. They envisage the use of 200 foot landing craft boat capable of carrying 200 hundred passengers and up to 15 cars and 4 or 5 large trucks. This vessel would cut travelling time to Inishmore in half. The smaller islands would be serviced by smaller boats capable of carrying 50 people and 2 or 3 cars. The finger of blame for delaying the development of the service to the islands points to CIE.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 21 April 1986.