Druid Theatre return to the Aran Island to perform six plays in 10 hours at the ancient fort of Dún Chonchúir.

Galway-based Druid Theatre first visited Inis Meáin in 1982. 23 years later, they returned with DruidSynge, a production of all six of John Millington Synge's plays, which were inspired by the time the playwright spent on the Aran Islands in the late nineteenth century. Jim Fahy goes to Dún Chonchúir, where an outdoor set is being erected, in this RTÉ News report. According to actress Marie Mullen:

To perform them here, especially when the islanders know about him and all the stories that he ever told, I think we're going to get a different reaction to the plays than we would do on the mainland.  No less good, I hope.  But a different one, because they know the background and they know him.

The production had already been staged to acclaim at the Galway Arts Festival, Dublin and the Edinburgh International Festival.

Jim Fahy also speaks to artistic director Garry Hynes, who is putting out the Infant of Prague for good weather.

An RTÉ News report from 8 September 2005.