Singer Red Hurley visits the horse fair at Spancilhill in County Clare.

In the RTÉ Television series 'My Ireland', well known singers present an aspect of Ireland. In this episode, entitled ‘Clare To Here’ the singer Red Hurley visits the historic sites of County Clare, many of which feature in traditional Irish ballads and songs.

Spancilhill Horse Fair in County Clare is one of the oldest fairs in Ireland. It begins on 23 June or St John’s Eve, known in many parts of Ireland as Bonfire Night.

The sights and sounds of the fair are accompanied by Red Hurley performing the Irish folk ballad, ‘Spancil Hill’. It was composed by Michael Considine who emigrated from the area in 1870. This poem, subsequently turned into a ballad, tells of an Irish emigrant in America who longs for his home in Spancilhill. In a dream he travels home on the night before the Spancilhill Horse Fair. However when he awakens he finds he is California, far from his beloved home in the heartland of Clare.

This episode of ‘My Ireland’ was broadcast on 1 July 1981. The series producer is Ian McGarry.