Trade is slow on fair day at Maam Cross in County Galway leaving many horse dealers unhappy.

One of Ireland’s oldest horse fairs takes places place at Maam Cross in County Galway and by 7:00 am the event is in full swing. The fair is an annual fixture for people from all over Ireland and by the afternoon 10,000 people are expected to be in attendance.

Máirtín has been trying to sell horses for three hours but with little interest. He is asking £750 for his 11 year old mare but has not received any offers.  He does not know why this is the case as there is a demand for horses and foals. Máirtín says the fair is not what it used to be another man selling a male foal is confident the fair will get busier. 

Siobhan arrived at the fair at 6:30 am to ensure she got a parking space but is still waiting for a sale. Cóilín from Spiddal also arrived at 6:30 am to sell a foal. He says prices are lower this than expected and cannot pinpoint why business is slow.

Seán thinks the Connemara ponies are more expensive than in the previous year. Another man is selling his Connemara pony for £550 but will get £450 if he is lucky.

There are not just horses for sale at the fair. Joe has been selling cattle since 8:00 am and while he is doing well, he would like to sell more.

This programme was filmed on 31 October 1989.

This episode of 'Iris 90' was broadcast on 14 January 1990. The reporter is Mairéad Ní Nuadháin.