An Irish soldier on UNIFIL duty has been killed in an attack in Lebanon, and a second soldier is missing.

The attack on the two soldiers took place at a UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon) observation outpost near the Muslim village of Dayr Natr in the north western section of the Irish battalion area.

The area is in close proximity to the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organisation) stronghold known as the Iron Triangle, the local population have been targeted by Christian militia with the aim of decreasing their support for the PLO.

When the two soldiers failed to report to base by radio a patrol was dispatched from the Irish headquarters in Tibnin to investigate. They found one soldier Private Hugh Doherty had been shot dead, and the other Private Kevin Joyce was missing. Weapons and a radio had also been taken during the attack.

UNIFIL observation posts are in these valleys to prevent infiltration by the PLO, who have denied responsibility for the attack.

United Nations (UN) observers have been deployed to assist in the search for the missing Irish soldier, as

Troops searching for Private Joyce have reported harassment from armed groups in the Iron Triangle.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 28 April 1981. The reporter is Tom McCaughren.