A campaign to build homes for older people asks Limerick workers to donate money during Lent.

If Limerick's Lenten Resolution scheme goes to plan it will provide seven houses in seven weeks. 

The initiative began with the establishment of the St Anne's Guild in 1965 with the objective of providing ten homes for older people in the city. They have now expanded on their initial objective to provide further homes for those in need.

The first six houses in the scheme have been completed and are now occupied by twelve older people some of whom were previously homeless.

Help to build houses for old people.

The scheme has got a sympathetic response from local businesses with donations reaching £7,000.
A campaign has now been launched to extend this scheme with the objective of raising enough money in seven weeks to build seven homes.

If each person contributes just one shilling a week for the seven weeks of Lent, then seven houses can be immediately built.

Peter McKenna, Vice Chairman of the Fundraising Committee explains that a team of 50 people plans to make personal calls on every business in the city in an effort to boost funds for the campaign.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 16 February 1966. The reporter is Arthur Quinlan.