The unlikely paring of The Blades frontman Paul Cleary and country music singer Ray Lynam perform 'Too Late'.

Irish country music singer Ray Lynam, known for his duets with Philomena Begley performs ‘Too Late’ with The Blades frontman Paul Cleary. They are accompanied on piano by John Ryan.

The strange pairing initially came about when they recorded together for the RTÉ Radio 2 ‘In Concert’ series. ‘Too Late’ is a Paul Cleary composition and Ray Lynam is the obvious choice for the duet.

The Blades formed in 1977 in Dublin’s Ringsend. The band is splitting up after a farewell tour which will see them play dates in around the country, including The Olympic Ballroom in Dublin on 31 January.

Rather unusually, the tour also includes a date in Mountjoy Prison on 22 January. This concert was organised through the prison chaplin Father Gaynor, who knows Paul Cleary from when the musician attended Ringsend Technical Institute. The Blades are not the first group to play in Mountjoy,

They’ve had bands there before, I think we’re the first rock band.

Beyond The Blades Paul Cleary will continue working with the band’s guitarist Conor Brady, but it is too soon to say how that partnership will develop.

‘Too Late’ will feature on Ray Lynam’s next album and can also be found The Blades album ‘Raytown Revisted’.

'TV Gaga' was a programme aimed at the 18-30 age bracket. It featured a live studio audience, live music and filmed reports and inserts. The first episode was broadcast on 24 May 1985.

This episode of ‘TV GAGA’ was broadcast on 16 January 1986. The presenter is Barbara Lee.