Country musicians, managers of artists, record shop owners and fans talk about how country music has evolved in Ireland.

Country music in Ireland comes in many forms and appeals to a wide audience. Niall Toner opens this report with a version of the Leon Payne song 'Lost Highway' made famous by Hank Williams. Today country music is a feature of karaoke nights and  a range of country records are available in shops.  Record shop owners Padraig Whelan and Declan Loughman explain where the country genre sits with the Irish music buying public.  

Artist Declan Nerney explains how his act has built on the former show band scene offering a variety of music. Manager Tony Loughman explains how during the show band era fans did not classify music into genres. For Declan Nerney in was during the 1970s that bands began to play either pop music or country music.  

'Changing Places: Country Roads' was broadcast on 4 December 1991.