Woman turned down for position as bus conductor takes case against CIÉ.

In 1979, CIÉ recruited their first women bus conductors. Deirdre Smith was rejected for a position even though she had already worked as a bus conductor in England. She took her case to the Labour Court. She knows that her chances of getting a job with CIÉ are now slim but feels that the case is a major victory for women.

Deirdre Smith believes that CIÉ did not have any policy on female recruitment prior to this case becoming news.

I believe that my actions have opened up the door for other women to apply for jobs in CIÉ.

According to Deirdre Smith, CIÉ said she did meet the height requirement. It later transpired that CIÉ considered her to be over educated for the position. Their argument was that because she had a degree in Industrial Relations, she would not be able to stick working on a bus. She had already worked for six and a half years on the buses in Manchester.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 6 February 1980.