After steps had been taken to address inequalities in the workplace, it now seems that the trend is regressing.

According to the Labour Court annual report for 1984, 

Women's average earnings have started to fall behind men's and the court also says there's been a decline in opportunities.

Reporter David Hanly speaks to Sylvia Meehan Chairperson of the Employment Equality Agency about the indirect discrimination that exists between men and women at work. 

The problem is that women are segregated in the labour market

and receive about 70% of the wages of their male counterparts. Meehan points to the fact women are predominantly employed in low-paid, labour intensive sectors. 

She points to recruiting policies and perceptions of gender specific roles as contributing factors to the inequality. Meehan further suggests that the government provide further resources are required by the Employment Equality Agency if they are to fulfil their brief.

A Morning Ireland report by David Hanly broadcast on 3 February 1986.

The accompanying photograph shows Sylvia Meehan.