On the 20 November 1968 the series 'Work' took a look at the changing nature of Irish industry and the place of women in the workforce.

The programme shows women in a sewing factory singing as they work, something which fifty years previously was a sackable offence. The managers of this factory now encourage singing as a means to boost morale in the workplace. This new attitude from management reflects the changing nature of industry and a new status for women in the workplace.

According to the recently published 'Drogheda Report,' the number of women working on the land and in domestic service is falling with factories and offices now offering new opportunities for women.

Donald McDonnell of Woodingtons Ltd says that they have problems recruiting women for a number of reasons, including high turnover of female staff, the reluctance of women to work after marriage and increasing competition from other factories.

'Work' was a fortnightly report on Ireland at work.

This programme was introduced by Brian Cleeve and Patrick Gallagher and was broadcast on 20 November 1968.

Women in the Work Place (1968)