On International Women's Day in 1991, Nell McCafferty and Marian Finucane remember the condom train and the time Gay Byrne gave his 'Late Late Show' seat to Marian.

On International Women's Day in 1991, 'The Late Late Show' invited a panel of women to discuss the women's movement in Ireland. In this clip, journalist Nell McCafferty and broadcaster Marian Finucane reminisce about the condom train in 1971, when members of the Irish Women's Liberation Movement travelled to Belfast to buy contraceptives. Nell was on that train, but says that she was in charge of the pills. Marian says that half of the women didn't even know what condoms looked like and "nearly died of embarrassment".

Presenter Gay Byrne then plays a TV clip from what he regards as one of Nell's greatest moments: a 'Late Late Show' on women in the media from 1980. In response to a comment in a report submitted to the RTÉ Authority that Marian Finucane will never get the chair of 'The Late Late Show', Gay Byrne offers Marian his seat while Nell whoops and cheers that "we're free at last".