Ladies' Gaelic football before they were allowed into Croke Park.

In 1986, women were allowed to hold the final of the All-Ireland Senior Ladies Football Championship in Croke Park for the first time. This television clip is taken from a special on ladies' Gaelic football, shown on 'The Women's Programme' a year earlier, when the campaign to get the ladies into Croke Park was ongoing.

Marian Finucane talks to Tom Dowd, former President of the Ladies Gaelic Football Association, about the difference between men and women's football. The biggest support he ever saw at a ladies match was the All-Ireland final in Hyde Park in 1977 between Cavan and Roscommon. It got a lot of publicity because one of the Roscommon players was a nun who had to be specially let out of a convent in England to play.

Marian then meets some female players. Four of them have played at county level and nine-year-old Assumpta once played on a under-18 team. Marian reads out some letters of objection to women playing football, all of which are dismissed by the amused group. "Get out and go" is their advice to other women who want to play.