Thousands protest over refusal to allow 14-year-old rape victim to travel abroad for an abortion.

When the High Court refused to allow a 14-year-old rape victim to leave Ireland to travel abroad for an abortion in what is known as the X Case, thousands of people took to the streets of Dublin to protest.

This RTÉ News report shows the march down O'Connell Street and the sit-in at O'Connell Bridge. Reporter Lorna Donlon speaks to protesters, including a mother who says that if it were her daughter, "I wouldn't worry about the law, I would have gone ahead and had the abortion".

At a rally outside the GPO, the crowd is told that

Ireland has become an internment camp for pregnant young women.

Singers Mary Coughlan and Sinéad O'Connor address the rally, with O'Connor calling for another referendum on the constitution, saying that the decision is

An invasion of the civil rights of all Irish women.

The Supreme Court later over-ruled the decision on the basis that the 14-year-old was suicidal.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 22 February 1992. The reporter is Lorna Donlon.