The treatment of unmarried mothers in Ireland in 1968.

In this 1968 programme about the treatment of unmarried mothers in Ireland, Fedelma Cullen plays the role of a young woman who becomes pregnant in dramatised sequences while real women recount their experiences in a voice over.

One woman remembers how, after a difficult delivery, the father of her child sent the fare home and £9 maintenance. That was all the money she ever got from him. Commentator Mark Delaney outlines what happens in a similar situation in Sweden: a child born out of marriage is placed under the care of the childcare board, who establish fatherhood and inheritance rights. If the father does not pay an agreed monthly maintenance amount, it is stopped from his wages.

Another woman describes how she decided to go to England, where

nobody looks down their nose at you.

She says that in Ireland

it's a sin you pay for all your life.