Members of the Irish Women's Liberation Movement travel to Belfast in 1971 to buy contraceptives.

In 1971 members of the Irish Women's Liberation Movement travelled to Belfast by train to buy contraceptives in protest against the law prohibiting the importation and sale of contraceptives in the Republic of Ireland. It was a landmark moment in the Irish women's movement.

This RTÉ News report shows the women buying contraceptives over the counter in Belfast.There is an interview with Pat Ledwith who says she thought her purchases would be taken from her, but they weren't.

At Connolly Station in Dublin, where the Belfast train has returned with the women on board, demonstrators chant "let them though" and "enforce the constitution" at the customs officials. Nell McCafferty can be spotted briefly in the crowd. Triumphant women pass through the barrier holding their contraceptives in the air.