Reaction in 1973 to the publication of a report by the first Commission on the Status of Women in Ireland.

The first Commission on the Status of Women was set up by the Irish government in 1970 with Dr Thekla Beere as chair. It found there was much inequality in the treatment of women in Irish society.

Following the publication of the commission's final report in 1973, RTÉ News gets the reactions of several women activists.

Maureen Killeavy is concerned that female unskilled and semi-skilled workers may not get equal pay. Nuala Fennell of Action Information Motivation (AIM) has reservations on recommendations dealing with family maintenance legislation. Gemma Hussey of the Women's Progressive Association thinks that all women should read the report and that women have a duty to join political parties and take part in politics and public life.

Reporter Olivia O'Leary concludes that how far this report's "recommendations go to becoming a reality depends not only on government readiness to implement them, but it also depends on a change to public attitudes and an end to centuries of prejudice."