Young people use photography to record environmental changes they see taking place in Ballymun.

The photographs are put on display in an exhibition called 'Spring Through A Child's Eye' at the Axis Centre in Ballymun.

As the renovation of Ballymun in north Dublin continues, young people from the area are documenting the area as the change occurs. Fifth class pupils at St Joseph's National School have been keeping a photographic record of their environment. The project was run by the Global Action Plan (GAP) Ballymun, an environmental organisation that works in local schools.  

Lynn Scarff GAP Project Leader explains the rationale behind the project in getting the pupils to take photographs of how nature is affected by what is going on in the area. The pupils were given three lessons in basic photography and provided with disposable cameras for a week and a half to take photographs of what they thought was beautiful or interesting in Ballymun. 

Kim Hartigan and Amy O'Carroll, both pupils at St Joseph's describe the results of their work the reasons for taking these particular images of the local environment. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 11 June 2004. The reporter is Paul O'Flynn.