The National Association of Tenants Organisations warns that the tower blocks in Ballymun are a fire trap.

A report has listed a number of hazards at the flat complex in Ballymun including defective smoke vents and fire doors, neglected rubbish shoots, and exposed wiring. 

There have already been a number of fires at the complex. Residents have been waiting six months for Dublin Corporation to repair smoke damage from a fire in a stairwell in Joseph Plunkett Tower. 

Smoke wells designed to keep stairwells clear should be covered by only a metal grill. However, they have been covered with sheets of perspex. Furthermore, seventy five per cent of fire doors in one tower are missing. 

The National Association of Tenants Organisations says they are appalled by the conditions.

Matt Larkin believes that a massive capital injection by the government is needed to refurbish the entire flat complex in Ballymun. 

Either that or we're going to have a major disaster on our hands.

With no secondary lighting system on the stairs, residents say that in the event of a fire, there would be panic by people trying to escape. 

Tom Ryan of the Ballymun Safety Committee, warns of the dangers facing residents in the case of an emergency. 

It's a death trap for people to be caught in a fire in Ballymun.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 20 March 1989. The reporter is Brian O'Connell.