The Limerick city dump is overflowing and the people of Moyross have had enough and want it closed.

The Moyross residents are campaigning to have the local dump shut beginning with a protest at the Limerick Corporation cleansing depot. 

The dump is full to overflowing and if further dumping takes place, it will they say present a major health hazard.

Paddy Mason of the Moyross Parish Council describes the health hazard caused by the overflowing dump with an infestation of rats and the carcasses of dead animals. Residents feel that the area is being given a bad image by the presence of the dump on their doorsteps. 

Limerick Corporation claim that they have to continue using the site even if they are dumping above surface level simply because of the difficulty in finding an alternative location. This is an argument that Moyross residents cannot accept and they believe their health should come first.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 20 March 1984. The reporter is Michael Walsh.