A very difficult place to leave, is Limerick the worst signposted city in Europe?

According to Limerick City Council,

Limerick is the worst signposted city in Europe or indeed the worst non signposted city.

For years the council has being trying get the corporation to put up adequate signage.

There are plenty of internal signs for local amenities however the difficulty arises when people wish to leave Limerick. A junction for travellers going south west to Cork and Kerry Limerick is frequently used by people travelling through Shannon Airport.

Once in the city visitors have no clear idea how to get out of it.

The corporation say it is a matter for the Department of the Environment in Dublin but they refute this, stating the matter lies in the hands of the corporation in Limerick.

Meanwhile the cynics say it's all a plot to keep visitors from leaving the city once they have strayed in and that the whole lack of directional signs is a subtle way of ensuring, that for some at least, they won’t get away.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 14 February 1980. The reporter is Kevin O'Connor.