Limerick woman Kitsy Cotter shares her wit and wisdom on countrymen, Dublin women, pints of porter, buttermilk, and marriage.

In Abbeyfeale, County Limerick Frank Hall meets witty local woman Kitsy Cotter who believes the recipe for a happy and healthy life is a pint of porter every day, either before or after breakfast.

It would put the cockles in your heart going.

Kitsy is determined to fix up a local man with a Dublin girl who he says are more classy and have better legs than country girls. 

He says the girls down here are too country.

According to Kitsy, buttermilk is the secret to the Abbeyfeale schoolgirl complexion. 

While Kitsy believes that countrymen make wonderful husbands, she says that the key to a successful marriage is for couples to keep away from the bedroom as much as they can. 

The countryman is great. He's a great ole sticker.

This episode 'Hall's Pictorial Weekly' broadcast on 3 January 1974. The reporter is Frank Hall