Aertel is the new teletext service which RTÉ believes will be used widely to get information on news, sport, farming and the weather.

Speaking to reporter Gerry Reynolds, RTÉ Director General Vincent Finn outlines his hopes for the new service and the potential for commercial revenue through advertising. The report shows staff working at computer screens and some pages of the Aertel service.

Up to the minute news comes to Aertel from the newsroom and as the stories change minute by minute they're made available to you the viewer at the touch of a button. 

Barry O’Halloran the Chief Editor of Aertel says that in a short time teletext television sets will be the norm rather than the exception.

Information on foreign, national, and regional news, as well as sport, finance, agriculture, weather forecasts and television and radio listings, were all made available free-of-charge through the service. In order to avail of the service, the user requires a television set which is equipped with a teletext converter or decoder. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 22 June 1987. The reporter is Gerry Reynolds.