President Éamon de Valera is the first person to speak on Ireland's first television station. Addressing the audience in Irish and English the President outlines his hopes and fears for television.

President of Ireland Éamon de Valera warns that,

...never before was there in the hands of men an instrument so powerful to influence the thoughts and actions of the multitude. 

The 79 year old President speaking to the nation expresses his nervousness and his hopes for the new media.

De Valera had dominated Irish politics for 30 years now the ageing president with failing sight was the first person to appear on the new television channel when Ireland was beginning to undergo social and economic change.

The schedule for the opening night of Telefís Éireann (later RTÉ) featured not only political statements but also reflected the position of the Catholic Church as both benediction and an address by Cardinal D'Alton featured in the evening's programming.