A look at some of the milestones in RTÉ that have helped make RTÉ programmes accessible to this community.

DeafHear was formerly known as the National Association for Deaf People. It was founded in 1964 to promote the welfare of deaf people and their families in Ireland. Over the last 50 years, the organisation has worked to improve the quality of life for the deaf and hard of hearing. 

RTÉ broadcast its first 'News for the Deaf' on 6 January 1975 in a format that had been agreed upon in consultation with the National Association for Deaf People. An announcer read a summary of the day's news, which also appeared as script on screen.  According to the RTÉ Guide preview of the new service below, RTÉ was the first broadcaster in Europe to offer a daily 'News for the Deaf' and possibly the first in the world.

This extract from 'News for the Deaf' is an example of the original format, with Colm Connolly reading the news. It was broadcast c. 1982. 

News for the Deaf, RTÉ Guide Article