Emerging technologies and the latest developments in science and engineering were the  focus of the 2006 Science Week, in the 10th year of the initiative.

At the launch 'Tumble Circus' entertained the young audience with an introduction to quantum physics and the science of atoms. 

The theme of the 2006 Science Week is 'The Science of the Future' with 380 events and workshops throughout Ireland. 

What kind of technologies will these children enjoy when they're older?

Emma O'Kelly chats to some of the youngsters about how they envisage the future. Suggestions include everything from robot teachers to triple decker buses. She also talks to Minster for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Micheál Martin who comments on how kids at primary level are enjoying science and this needs to be extended into second level education. 

Space Expert Leo Enright also comments on 

The extraordinary power of nano technology.

An RTÉ News report by Emma O'Kelly broadcast on 8 November 2006.