How telescopes, prisms, spectrometers and diffraction gratings help us understand planet earth and space.

'Physics Today and Tomorrow' takes a look at the technology used to examine what is happening in space and how it relates to life on earth.

Presenter Ben Sherry describes Mother Earth as,

A mere speck, a tiny speck in the vastness of space.

A lot of what we know about space and the world in which we live has been learned through the use of scientific equipment such as a telescope, a spectrometer and a diffraction grating.

Ben Sherry explains how each of these operates and helps us to understand what is happening in space and its impact on life on earth.

While most are familiar with how a telescope works, a spectrometer is,

An instrument to tell us what sort of light we’re getting from this far distant object.

A spectrometer also tells us what sort of material is in the object by an analysis of the light.

A diffraction grating helps to determine the type of chemicals that exist in space as well as the temperature. 

This episode of ‘Telefís Scoile’ was broadcast on 25 May 1965. The presenter is Ben Sherry.

‘Telefís Scoile’ was an educational television programme that gave school lessons in maths, science and literature.