'Telly Bingo' has a new presenter drag queen Declan Buckley's Shirley Temple Bar.

The creation of Declan Buckley, Shirley chats with Pat Kenny about her new job presenting Telly Bingo twice a week.

Shirley describes how rhythmic gymnastics helped her avoid a life of crime and drugs. Asked by Pat Kenny if Shirley has met any of her heroes, her reply is

Am I the luckiest girl in Ireland right now, Pat?
I just met Anne Doyle!

Shirley Temple Bar has been hosting bingo in the George Bar, in Dublin for the last 4 years which makes her the perfect presenter for Telly Bingo.

In another extract from her stage show, Shirley does a version of her friend Ronan Keating's song 'When You Say Nothing at All' through sign language.

This episode of ‘The Late Late Show’ was broadcast on 28 September 2001. The presenter is Pat Kenny.