Anthony Cronin poet, novelist, biographer and critic talks about his latest work 'Dead As Doornails'.

Anthony Cronin explains why he decided to return to Ireland after a relatively nomadic life. He has made a definite commitment to staying in the country and part of this means he will not allow circumstances to drive him out again.

I would starve publicly on the street rather than go again, that was my commitment.

Anthony Cronin's latest work 'Dead as Doornails' is a memoir of Dublin literary life in the 1950s and includes tragic characters Flann O’Brien, Patrick Kavanagh and Brendan Behan. He is keen to point out that the book is not a straightforward history of the era but more of an oblique recollection.

Augustine Martin finds the account of the time Anthony Cronin spent on the continent and in Ireland with Behan very amusing, leading the author to comment, 

I don't think anything is any good that isn't funny as well.

Given the choice, Anthony Cronin would write nothing but poetry, but that said, he is currently finishing a novel. 

This edition of 'Writer In Profile' was broadcast on 9 August 1976. The presenter is Augustine Martin.