100 year old Anne Jane Smith recalls the 1916 Rising and her efforts to return home on Easter Monday.

Having spent the weekend in Old Bawn, Tallaght, Anne Jane Smith went to return home on Easter Monday. On a bus to the city, she recalls overhearing conversations with passengers talking about the Jacob's factory, where Ann Jane worked.

1916 - I remember that well. Very well

Getting off the bus in Terenure to catch the Rathfarnham tram she soon learned that the tram would never come as the Rising took hold of Dublin city streets.

Walking she was met by her worried sister, who informed her of what was happening. At the time Anne Jane lived at the corner of Bishop Street and Bride Street and ignoring her sister's advice, headed on home. 

I never heard a shot in my life until then. Neither did I know what a rebellion was. 

This episode of 'Newsbeat' was broadcast on 26 March 1971. The reporter is Frank Hall.