Richard Mulcahy recalls attending an officers meeting of the Irish Volunteers on the evening of 15 April 1916. While there he got a first indication that a Rising was going to take place.

Richard Mulcahy joined the Irish Volunteers on their inception in November 1913. He was a member of 'C' Company, 2nd Battalion, Dublin Brigade. In April 1916 he was promoted to the rank of 1st Lieutenant and on 15 April he attended his first Volunteer Officers meeting.

The Volunteers were addressed by Patrick Pearse who talked to the men about the manoeuvres that were going to take place on Easter Sunday. As Mulcahy states manoeuvres were commonplace at that time.

There was nothing said there to alert anybody that there was any special thing on.

After the meeting Mulcahy made his way to a dance at Banba Hall, Parnell Square. There he met Seán MacDiarmada who was in an excited state. Mulcahy was surprised by what MacDiarmada then said to him.

Tell me, have you plans for blowing up the telegraph system in Dublin?

On hearing this Mulcahy knew that something more than ordinary manoeuvres was planned.

Richard Mulcahy was interviewed for the RTÉ Television project 'Portraits 1916' on 23 January 1966.

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