Theatre, museums, language, culture and people are just some of the attractions that Dublin has to offer.

When 'Jo Maxi' presenter Antoinette Dawson found herself as public relations officer for the Dublin City of Culture's organising committee, she took to the streets to find out what people would expect from it. The European Community had been nominating a city to be a culture capital every year since 1985. In 1991 it would be Dublin's turn to take centre stage and put on a year-long programme of events to celebrate and showcase its culture and heritage. But what did Dublin have to offer foreign visitors?

When a foreigner thinks of Dublin in terms of arts and culture and stuff, what do you reckon springs to mind?

Antoinette Dawson asks some teenagers in the Saint Stephen's Green and Grafton Street area of Dublin about the city's attractions

This edition of 'Jo Maxi' was broadcast on 13 April 1990.