'Sunday' report on the threat of mixed marriages.

In 1980 the programme 'Sunday' looks at the problems of mixed marriages. The mixed marriages referred to are those between a Protestant and a Catholic.

In this clip from the programme, presenter Kevin O'Kelly introduces the topic. O'Kelly describes how Christian Unity Week in Ireland has been marked by signs of disunity on the question of mixed marriages. While an inter-church committee on the subject was established, it has not met since March 1979.

The question of mixed marriages is seen as something urgent that needs to be addressed specifically by Anglicans who have about 40% mixed marriages, which is seen as a threat to the Anglican community. On the other side, most Catholics marry Catholics so the threat of a decline in numbers is perceived as less imminent.

O'Kelly provides a brief history to the traditions involved in mixed marriages in terms of how the children of parents with different religious beliefs are raised.

The full programme includes interviews with Enda Collins, Adrienne Shannon and Bishop Donald Caird.

This episode of 'Sunday' was broadcast on 20 January 1980.