The Vatican issues a new declaration on the church's stance on mixed marriages.

In 1970 Pope Paul VI made a new declaration on mixed marriages. The new declaration issued by the Vatican meant that future marriage dispensations would be granted by bishops, and not the Vatican.

Under the dispensation, Catholic partners must promise to baptise their children and bring them up in the Catholic Church. They must also make the other party in the marriage aware of these promises. The new rules would come into effect in October 1970. 

The declaration also forbids the joint celebration of the marriage ceremony by Catholic priests and ministers of other religions. It is also forbidden to carry out another religious ceremony before or after the Catholic one. 

In the introduction to the new document the Pope states that there are many difficulties with mixed marriages and therefore the church discourages them. The document further comments that man has a right to marry but within the principles of divine law.  

This report was broadcast on RTÉ News at One Thirty on 29 April 1970.