The Friends of Medieval Dublin march against the construction of civic offices on the site of a viking settlement at Wood Quay.

Protesters include the poet Thomas Kinsella, who tells the crowd that this is

The birth place of our own city.

Sepaking at the protest march Mary Robinson said that the march was against the destruction of Wood Quay and for the building of civic offices on an alternative site.

We are marching to stop the destruction of Wood Quay.

A parade was led by the Irish Transport and General Workers Union band.

Dr Michael Herity of the Royal Society of Antiquaries laid a black wreath at the Commissioners of Public Works Office on St Stephen's Green.

The march made its way through the city and was even visible on the River Liffey with a Viking boat.

When the march finally arrived at Wood Quay, Professor FX Martin of University College Dublin said that the march was a protest about the democratic process.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 23 September 1978.

The protesters failed to halt construction on the site, which is now the location of Dublin City Council's civic offices.