In 1964 Ella Fitzgerald paid a visit to Dublin and performed at the Adelphi Cinema.

RTÉ News reporter Kevin O'Kelly spoke to 'The Queen of Jazz' about the growing popularity of jazz, singing show tunes and pop songs. Ella talks about how she began singing, her Irish name and singing for President Kennedy.

Ella is startled when RTÉ radio reporter, Seán Mac Réamoinn, interjects with a question.

This RTÉ News report was broadcast on 13 April, 1964.

Canadian jazz pianist and composer, Oscar Peterson, was also in town the same weekend and also spoke to Kevin O'Kelly about an upcoming trip to Tokyo and the different techniques involved in playing jazz and classical music.

Ella Fitzgerald and Oscar Peterson were just two of the many international stars who visited Ireland in the 1960's. See the exhibition 'Look Who Visited Ireland in the 1960s' to see who else came to Irish shores.