In 1980 RTÉ cameras visit 'The Holiday and Leisure Fair' at the R.D.S. as part of the programme 'Holliers'.

The fair includes stands advertising camping in France, sun holidays in Benidorm, honeymoon specials, and cycling tours. We even get a glimpse of Miss Sealink.

Alec Taylor speaks to Gerry O'Hare, a freelance writer and travel expert, on the best value holidays available.

One woman is delighted with what's on offer at the exhibition saying,

There are holidays here that I never knew about and bargains that are never advertised.

This clip, presented by Alec Taylor, is taken from the first in a three-part series visiting leisure and activity shows at the R.D.S. in Dublin held during the month of February 1980.

'Holliers Holiday and Leisure Fair 1980' was broadcast on 21 February 1980. The programme was presented by Angela Phelan and Alec Taylor and was produced by Roger Brunskill.