The crew of Irish navy ship the LE Eithne and the small Irish community of Rio de Janeiro hold a St Patrick's Day party for some of the city's street children.

RTÉ News reports from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on St Patrick's Day 2006. The flagship of the Irish Naval Services, LE Eithne is on an official visit to South America and the crew host a St Patrick's Day party on board for the street children and unmarried mothers of Rio de Janeiro.

The report includes an interview with Commander Mark Mellett who says that the crew are working with a charity Task Brazil to host the party and to carry out repair works to houses and buildings in the slums.

Margaret Frew originally from County Cork sends St Patrick's Day greetings to her family.

The children are shown receiving toys donated in Dublin. Philippe Harmoniaux of Task Brazil explains the work of the charity.

Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and his feast day is celebrated on March 17th .