American Overseas Airlines helps promote Saint Patrick's Day in the USA by shipping a pony trap and 250,000 shamrock sprigs.

American Overseas Airlines (AOA) operated flights between the US and Europe in the post war years of 1945 to 1950. One the European destinations was Shannon Airport.

Jim Eighmey, Sales Manager with AOA, tells P P O'Reilly about the airlines role in St. Patrick's Day preparations in the United States. 

I feel that I have something that is rather unusual for this Saint Patrick's we have been requested again to ship the pony trap to the Saint Patrick's Day committee in New York city.

The pony trap will lead the St Patrick's Day parade down Fifth Avenue in New York. 

A quarter of a million sprigs of shamrock have been shipped to seventy seven cities where the AOA operates across the United States, Canada and Mexico. The shamrock will be distributed to Irish societies for use in their St Patrick's Day celebrations. The promotion also targeted American broadcasting personalities.

In addition we have shipped several hand painted scarves to the leading radio and television stars in New York City. 

AOA was also responsible for delivering letters of greeting to Mayor William O'Dwyer in New York from the mayors of Limerick, Dublin, and Cork. 

American Jim Eighmey is delighted to have the opportunity to spend this year's St Patrick's Day in Ireland.

I feel certain however that every one of Irish descent in the four corners of the earth will be very envious of me as I am today in Ireland the home of Saint Patrick.

Recorded on 16 March 1950. The presenter is PP (Peter Patrick) O'Reilly. 

From the RTÉ Archives Acetate Disc Collection which has been digitised with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) Archiving Scheme.