Photographs of Dublin taken by Nevill Johnson between 1952 and 1953.

Nevill Johnson (1911-1999), painter and photographer, was an English born Irish artist. His photographs of Dublin during the period 1952 to 1953 stand apart from his previous artistic output in paint form. The photographs capture the 'unofficial' Dublin of its inhabitants.

Presented here is a sample of the evocative photographs of Dublin city taken by Nevill Johnson between 1952 and 1953. The images of tenements, markets, shops and children's street games, provide a valuable social record of the everyday lives of ordinary Dubliners at the time. Comprising over 1,500 photographs the full collection of Nevill Johnson's photography is held at RTÉ Archives and has been made available to view online.

Smithfield, Dublin
Smithfield, Dublin 

Old Man, Smithfield
Thundercut Alley, Smithfield, Dublin  

Children Playing on Lamp Post 3011/088
Blackhall Place, Dublin  

Smithfield, Dublin
Smithfield, Dublin 

Mrs. Sarah Traynor Chamber Street, Dublin  

Two women, Parnell Street, Dublin
Two woman on Parnell Street, Dublin  

Children by high wall, Dublin
Saint Catherine's Church on Meath Street, Dublin 

Iron Gate
Iron Gate, Camden Row, Dublin  

Children stand beside a corrugated iron fence, Dublin
Children stand beside a corrugated iron fence, Dublin  

Woman at Window
Old woman in window, York Street, Dublin  

Ha'penny Bridge over the River Liffey
Sunset over the Ha'penny Bridge, Dublin  

South Richmond Street, Dublin
South Richmond Street, Dublin  

Three old men on a bench, St Stephen's Green, Dublin
St Stephen's Green, Dublin  

Deghini's factory, Lower Exchange St, Dublin  

Men walk along liffey
Usher's Quay, Dublin  

Winetavern Street
Walkers Shop, Dublin.