Dockers in Dublin port vote to strike over fears for job security.

Members of the Marine Port and General Workers Union at Dublin Port’s deep sea docks vote to go on strike over the emotive issue of job security.

The dockers are confident of support from other ports at home and abroad.

Their dispute began when the main stevedoring company, Dublin Cargo Handling, tried to get a 50% cut in workforce. The company has decided to lay off 30 workers, and to stop the £25 a day fallback payment made to dockers for whom there are no vessels to be worked when they report for duty.

So far only the deep sea section of Dublin Port has been affected by the dispute.

Cross channel services and oil imports aren’t affected according to the Union.

Dublin Port handles about £40 million worth of exports each week. Of these, £10 milion are deep sea. Of the £60 million of imports that come through Dublin Port, £20 million are via the deep sea section. Already,

Industry leaders and exporters are worried about the consequences of a strike lasting more than a few days.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 31 October 1982. The reporter is Liam Cahill.