More than 10,000 runners make history when they take part in a special Dublin Port Tunnel race.

Over 10,000 runners get the opportunity to participate in a race through the Dublin Port Tunnel before it officially opens on 20 December 2006.

The runners gather in blustery conditions but after a short run in the rain they are able to get under the shelter of the Dublin Port Tunnel. The elite runners soon break away and cope well with the tunnel gradients.

On reaching the opening at Whitehall the runners head back into the south bound tunnel for the 4.5 km trip back to the finish at East Wall. Santa costumes prove popular with the fun runners.

The first group of runners come in on a time of 40 minutes. The heat from running in an enclosed space has an effect on one runner who is taken to hospital in an ambulance.

First across the line is Robert Donnelly from Dundrum South Dublin Athletics Club, Dublin in a time of 30 minutes 28 seconds.

It was very competitive, very enjoyable.

Lord Mayor Vincent Jackson thinks the race is,

A golden opportunity to showcase the Tunnel to the citizens of Dublin and Ireland.

It is also an opportunity to fundraise. A total of 50,000 euro is raised for Dublin city centre charities.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 10 December 2006. The reporter is John Kilraine.