The supply of vegetables to the Irish market is exceeding demand.

Potatoes have always been a topic of conversation in Ireland, but increasingly vegetables in general are the subject of discussion. Tales of overproduction, imports, poor quality, and dumping of Irish-grown tomatoes are currently in circulation. What is going on with Ireland's vegetable producers?

Summer is traditionally a time of reduced levels of vegetable imports explains one grower, but even so the reality of too many Irish tomatoes on the market means that produce has had to be dumped,

If you haven’t got sale for it, I mean what do you do with it?

Irish vegetables are being passed over in favour of imports, as the perception among consumers is that continental produce is of a higher standard. This is not necessarily so maintains one wholesale trader who operates from the Dublin Corporation Fruit and Vegetable Market in Smithfield.

Exports from any country is only the top quality.

The Floraveg exhibition at the Dublin Horse Show this week showcases the high quality of Irish vegetables. Michael Mahon of the Irish Farmers' Association believes the real issue is to persuade consumers to purchase what is grown in our greenhouses and fields.

The weakest link is in effective marketing.

This report for 'Ireland’s Eye’ was broadcast on 4 August 1982. The reporter is Mairead McGuinness.