The Horticultural Research Centre in Kinsealy, Dublin hopes to produce better yields with a new system for growing tomatoes

Growing any greenhouse plants in soil is becoming a thing of the past. Half of the tomatoes grown in Ireland are grown in peat moss and growing in water is the next step.

The plants grow in a shallow stream of solution which is circulated around the greenhouse in plastic gullies.

Fertiliser is added to the water to feed the fruit. Scientists believe that eventually, they will be able to vary the taste of tomatoes depending on what is required.

Patrick Gallagher outlines some of the advantages of the new hydroponic system. While it is still at an experimental stage this new approach has great potential. He believes that in the next year or two, there will be growers in Ireland who will be interested in using this growing system. He also highlights the cost of growing tomatoes using this system would be the same if not less than traditional methods.

One of the aims of using this system would be to get bigger and better yields.

An RTÉ News report broadcast 14 April 1976. The reporter is Conor McAnally.